012: 3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Podcasting

3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Podcasting

Podcasts are a great way of getting your story heard and telling it your way. It’s also the perfect tool for building your business and creating a following.

It’s one of the best ways to connect with your audience and nurture those relationships on a personal level. At the same time it gives you the opportunity to establish authority in your niche as you showcase your expertise. It also helps that listening to podcasts is flexible and is far more easily consumed than print media. This provides a great opportunity to use them to grow your business, your following and your business network as the host of a podcast. 

In this week’s episode, the Geeks share with you how to grow your business through podcasts. As well as discuss one of the biggest mistakes that most people make when starting a podcast, no strategy. They also guide you through the essential components in starting a podcast. 

What To Listen For:

  • Creating a podcast as a marketing arm for your business
  • The one person you are speaking to
  • SEO and Podcasting
  • Getting all the social media handles ready
  • Establishing a recording schedule
  • Podcasting as a commitment
  • What makes a good guest
  • How to prepare your content

One Cool Thing

Jen: COVID Loan Tracker – online tracker that brings transparency to small business owners who have applied for loan from the government via the SBA.

Sam: Sign up for Poddit.net – a great platform to find podcast guests and find podcasts looking for guests. 

Joe: Using an electric car as a generator and Digital Deck Covers

Coolish or Foolish?

Cardboard Cut-Out Standees – You can send life size cardboard cut-outs of yourself to send to your loved ones that miss you.

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jen: People commenting on their own post to put up the post, people blasting the same post on multiple Facebook Groups, the CVS link post that precedes the picture of the poster’s big face, post challenges. 

Sam: the amount of time people are spending on conspiracy theories in social media.

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