025: The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed

A Contrepreneur is “an ambitious entrepreneur offering exciting business opportunities but who instead offers a scam that causes their victims to part with their money.” 

From the Urban Dictionary: “A con artist who makes their fortune by fooling wantrepreneurs into thinking they’re getting a great deal or coming into some easy money when the reality is, it’s the Contrepreneur making the real money.”

These are people who are very good at convincing people that riches are attainable without a lot of effort. However, there are honest and ethical people who use the same formula for good. So what do you do?

In this episode, we break down our thoughts on the issue of Contrepreneurs. 

How do you know if the “business expert” you’re listening to really wants to help you become a great business owner or is just enticing you to be part of a money-making scheme? What are the grey areas of this issue? Are you using contrepreneurial tactics without realizing you’re doing so? How do you distance yourself from these con artists? 

What To Listen For:

  • What is a “Contrepreneur”? (1:23)
  • Mike Winnet’s “The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed” (2:25)
  • Two sides of the issue (5:49) 
  • Marketing tactics the right and wrong way (9:44)
  • Establishing authority vs. researching the legitimacy of “experts” (12:25)
  • “Wishful identification”: when people want to be that person in the examples of Contrepreneurs (15:01)
  • It’s not the only formula out there (18:33)
  • Technical smoke and mirrors (19:45)
  • Inviting famous people to encourage more attendance to contrepreneurial events (20:34)
  • Coaching you to be the best business owner you can be vs. teaching you to be part of a pyramid scheme (24:54)
  • It comes down to people’s values (27:30)
  • Using the formula of ending a price with a “7” (29:08)
  • Re-evaluating yourself as an entrepreneur (31:16)
  • Spread the message of entrepreneurs doing good (32:21)
  • You don’t need to go to these events to be a successful entrepreneur (35:08)

One Cool Thing

Joe: Epidemic Sound

Sources Mentioned

Mike Winnet’s The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed 

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Epidemic Sound

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