024: A 6-Hour Work Day

Jennifer has set the theme for this episode and she opens it with the very intriguing question: should we work six-hour work days instead of the traditional eight-hour work days?

The paradigm of a 9-to-5 work day in the US is based on the Fair Labor Act of 1938, which was drafted to curb abuse of factory workers at that time and standardise labour hours. A lot has changed since then, but the same paradigm is still being implemented in many businesses.

As business owners and leaders, what does a work day look like to you? What does productivity look like? Do you believe that you need to change this paradigm for you and your employees?

Join us as we dive deep into this topic. We’ll also talk about protecting your passwords and domains from hackers.

What To Listen For:

  • Harvard Business Review’s case for the 6-hour work day instead of the traditional 8-hour work day (2:09)
  • Explore outcome-based instead of hour-based work (5:59)
  • Applying the Pareto Principle (7:45)
  • People will find a way to use up the hours on non-work related tasks (8:09)
  • Everything has a deadline (10:30)
  • Prioritise things according to how much it moves the “needle” of your business (11:34)
  • The “Inbox Zero” principle (13:52)
  • As business owners, how do you rethink the concept of hours versus outcomes? (20:32)
  • “Unlimited vacation” benefit (22:15)
  • For many, the office never turns off (25:01)
  • Set boundaries (26:03)

One Cool Thing

Jennifer: LastPass: a password manager (31:49)

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jennifer: Typosquatters: people who use domains that are similar to mainstream domains, e.g., googla.com (37:07)

Sources Mentioned

Harvard Business Review [need to confirm that the link is the actual article, otherwise just the main link to HBR will suffice]

Pareto Principle 



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