023: Stealing Ideas or Sharing Ideas?

The Internet has truly revolutionized modern living. We remember, though, when you had to dial to a server and wait quite a while to connect to the Internet. Yet even during those early years in the ‘90s, we knew that this newfangled tool would be big.

Fast forward to today. With just a click of a button, you can get and share ideas anywhere from the world. These ideas are especially important if you’re thinking of starting a new business or gathering resources for your current venture. However, in the competitive arena of modern entrepreneurship, is it all right to take the ideas you discover on the Internet and claim it as your own? For that matter, would you be willing to share your own ideas with others?

We put in our two cents on this topic in this week’s episode.

What To Listen For:

  • Seth Godin’s blog post on stolen ideas 8:18
  • An idea that you don’t execute doesn’t have a lot of value 9:01
  • It’s okay to borrow, reshape, retool, and bring others’ ideas to your industry 11:20
  • When you share someone else’s idea, give the proper attribution 12:23
  • Some businesspeople will not share ideas until you sign an NDA 14:49

One Cool Thing

Sam: Answer the Public 16:30

Video Reaction

Sam: How much money do you need to earn to be happy? According to a study, $70,000. 19:48

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Sam: People who send friend invites but who ghost you when you message them 35:45

Take My Lunch Money

Sam: Outsource School: the ultimate education for outsourcing 42:47 

Sources Mentioned

Seth’s Blog

Answer the Public

Outsource School

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