047: Innovative Business Transformations from 2021

2021 may not have been the year that we have all hoped for, but it still brought good changes in our lives. We saw disastrous events happening in big business conglomerates, and we also saw significant wins for small business owners.

In this episode, the Business Geeks share their thoughts and opinions about the innovative transformations in business from 2021. They start the conversation by looking back at the unfortunate events from big companies and how this is reshaping company policies.

Another thing that they discussed is the shift in what people fancy for both quality and entertaining content. With a lot of platforms out there, TikTok rose to be the most popular website for 2021, beating great competitions such as Google and Facebook.

This kind of trend indicates that the viewing preference of people are changing, and social media platforms need to keep up with this demand. If businesses want to stay relevant, they have to think of creative strategies that bring them closer to their target audience.

What To Listen For:

  • Disastrous events in some retail business (03:15)
  • The positive outcomes from these disastrous events (06:28)
  • How TikTok became the most popular website for 2021 (08:45)
  • The difference between long-form content vs short-form content (12:30)
  • What makes TikTok stand out from other social media platforms? (15:18)
  • Various marketing strategies that encourage foot traffic(18:38)
  • The host’s advice for people wanting to launch their own business (26:35)
  • Joe’s experience with a mattress company’s customer service (34:45)
  • Why some business owners give up their equity (46:40)
  • What the hosts are grateful for in 2021 (51:45)

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