046: Contemporary Wins and Issues Faced By Small and Large Businesses

With a lot of things going on, we have seen the good, the bad, and everything else that could possibly happen in businesses. Surprisingly, the effects of the global pandemic in various industries weren’t all negative.

In this episode, the Business Geeks discuss the contemporary wins and issues faced by both small and large businesses. Although the pandemic gave rise to pressing concerns across various business industries such as the Great Resignation, it also gave positive impacts on small business owners.

Employees feel that they should no longer be shackled by industries that are not fully committed to their welfare. They developed the courage to venture into their own business and explore better choices.

This global phenomenon sure puts us on a roller coaster ride but as business owners, we have to learn how to go with the ride and to prepare to land back on our feet.

What To Listen For:

  • Typhoon Rai and the unfortunate event in Mayfield, Kentucky (02:10)
  • The power of faces and its significant effects on people (11:40)
  • What is Face Blindness and how does it affect consumer marketing? (16:38)
  • The resurgence of demand for small businesses (19:08)
  • The Great Resignation – why are employees leaving? (21:25)
  • Apple’s transition into remote work (25:43)
  • The reduction of foot traffic vs the surge in online traffic during Black Friday (27:05)
  • What’s different in Joe’s life in the last two years? (28:55)
  • Joe’s strange issue with T-Mobile (31:20)

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