048: Benefits of Positivity and Innovation in Planning for the Coming Year

With all of the challenges of the previous year, how do you intend to restart and make this year better? It is easy to focus on the negative events that occurred, such as lockdowns, illness, and so on, but we must remember that a positive mindset can be a great place to start.

In this episode, The Business Geeks discuss how positivity and innovation can help entrepreneurs plan for the coming year. They discuss how work culture played a significant role in implementing a business change.

Because there is an emerging talent war among the leading companies today, it raises awareness about the state of happiness and knowledge in the employees’ working environment. Everyone deserves to be happy, which necessitates a significant shift in most businesses. More emphasis is being placed on transparency and appreciation.

They also discuss how selecting a lens can help entrepreneurs make better business decisions. That will provide long-term benefits and meeting this year’s goals. And because businesses are inherently complex, focusing on simplicity will be critical to achieving goals and improving team understanding.

What To Listen For:

  • Positivity beyond the angst and challenges of the past year (01:45)
  • How awareness helps in planning ahead (05:15) 
  • Creating an inclusive culture (07:29)
  • Investing and Tax rates in the US (17:30)
  • How big companies keep their employees happy and talent fed (22:07)
  • The impact of fake representation in business (25:38)
  • Celebrating the wins from the past year (28:48)
  • Rebranding – Attracting right people that believe in the same thing (36:25)
  • Joe’s biggest win for 2021 (42:23)
  • Theme words as the lens in life(44:46)
  • Setting goals for 2022 (51:01)
  • Injecting simplicity on business (55:47)

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