029: Do You Really Need To Create Valuable Content for Your Audience?

Content is King and any content creator of a blog, vlog, or podcast will certainly give this statement two thumbs up and probably a fist pump for good measure.

What if you’re a solo entrepreneur who does not have a big budget for content creation or a start-up that doesn’t have a comprehensive content marketing plan? Do you still agree with this statement? 

In this episode, we discuss a post that poses a controversial topic: you don’t need to create valuable content for your audience. 

Is content all about creating connections with your audience through shared identity and values? Is content merely a narcissistic tool to boost your ego? Is it all right to come out with content that follows the rules of search engine optimization? Do you differentiate your audience from your customer?

Join us as we give our opinions on these burning questions and more. We’ll also share our thoughts on the recent Zoom downtime and a tool that will make your podcasts more efficient.

What To Listen For:

  • You don’t need to create valuable content? (05:55)
  • Connecting with your audience through shared identity and values (07:38)
  • Henry Ford would have created a faster horse instead of a car if he had listened to his audience (08:27)
  • Different businesses need different marketing methods (9:28)
  • To build your identity as an expert, you need content (10:49)
  • An audience vs. a customer (11:58)
  • Balancing content and sales (16:28)
  • Business owners are pressured to create content (17:42)
  • Bad content can be improved but it’s better than no content at all (18:17)
  • Consistency of creating varied content (19:19)
  • Your content does need to be valuable (23:17)
  • “Success formulas” may not work for your business (24:25)
  • Successful blogs/vlogs already have a following (25:20)
  • Content needs to be authentic; being a copycat can be a dangerous territory (26:52)

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jennifer: Zoom went down worldwide but people insensitively lost their mind (30:07)

Get My Lunch Money

Sam: Headliner – to create audiograms for your podcasts (35:59)

Sources Mentioned

Do you really need to create valuable content for your audience? by Sashka Regina

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Make 100 Crappy Videos by Roberto Blake

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