044: Servicing Customer Base Through Tumultuous Time

It may sound like a cliché, but we say that with every problem there is an opportunity. And with the number of issues the world currently has, the opportunities are huge. Unfortunately, this is not an easy feat.

One of the pressing matters during this tumultuous time is sustaining service to the customer base. Business owners had to think of ways to get their services and products to people who need them. 

In this episode, the Business Geeks focus on solutions that can help entrepreneurs during this challenging time. If your business is feeling the effects of the pandemic, we’ll give you tips on how to adapt and share effective ways on how to operate your business. 

What To Listen For:

  • Real estate difficulties in Australia in the present times (03:25)
  • Employment situations in Sydney and the States (05:40)
  • The differences between the past and present living (07:19)
  • Business automation – yay or nay? (12:11)
  • Value vs Skill – what do business owners need to consider? (15:22)
  • Business solutions to counter the challenging times (18:18)
  • The significance of looking at the numbers: timewise and profit-wise (29:10)

One Cool Thing

Joe: Switched from Amazon Echo to Apple HomePod (32:03)

Take My Lunch Money

Jen: Design Powers – Women-owned and led company that designs websites (35:05)

Check-In With The Geeks

Posted by Business Geeks Podcast on Thursday, November 11, 2021

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