021: Changing Media Consumption Trends

Media consumption is changing rapidly. The majority of people do not watch TV anymore. They would rather spend a lot of time watching TikTok videos than sit through a 4-minute video on Youtube.

Two factors have given rise to this TikTok phenomenon: people have more time to spend on social media due to quarantines and the application has many built-in programs that tap into the creativity of its users.

So, what does this trend mean for business? We discuss sample TikToks, statistics, and opinions about this topic in this episode. 

What To Listen For:

  • Gen Zs spend more time watching TikTok than Youtube 2:52
  • TikTok vs. Vine 8:43
  • TikTok is where media is going 10:03
  • Coronavirus effects on media consumption 10:36
  • Some stats on TikTok usage 11:33
  • Businesses that started with TikTok 12:43
  • A TikTok challenge to hosts and viewers 14:14

One Cool Thing

Jennifer: TravelJohn: A bag you pee into

Video Reaction

Joe: According to articles and videos, 40% of black-owned businesses are not expected to survive the coronavirus

America vs. Australia

Sam: Do the Tim Tam slam 

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jennifer: Facebook ad “teasing”

Take My Lunch Money

Jennifer: We are launching a new segment that gives a shoutout to businesses that we’d gladly spend money on, suggestions are welcome

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