005: How To Get More Speaking Gigs

How to get more speaking gigs

So you want to get more speaking gigs and you’re not sure how to go about it? 

You want to become a speaker and you’re not sure how to get started on your journey? 

You know that speaking in front of the right people is a great move for your business but how do you get into the right rooms?

This week the Geeks take a look getting yourself on stage in front of the right crowd. They also ask the question, how do you choose the right speakers for your own conference?  

Join the Business Geeks as they break down exactly what to look for when finding likely candidates that are a fit for you and your event. 

What To Listen For:

Foundations of public speaking

Building relationships

Personal Branding

Is social media necessary?

Importance of identifying the right audience and content

Valuing mastery

Tips on how to reduce physical tension

Being nervous is normal

Tips on putting your best foot forward in booking for conferences

Coolish or Foolish?

What do Sam, Jen and Joe think of smart ‘party sensors’ to be installed in Airbnb properties?

Find the article here: Airbnb is pushing its hosts to install smart ‘party sensors’ to stop big bashes once and for all

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jen: Ignoring my Calendly link and/or asking a question that is already answered in my email or FB Groups

Joe: When people decide to break the SOP to get things done.

Sam: when people reach out to be on my podcast and haven’t researched or listened to an episode

One Cool Thing:

JENAgent : Find a Speaking Gig in 30 seconds

SAMHelloSign : Get work done faster with legally binding eSignatures

Joe  – Chevy Bolt EV :Go farther than you think!

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Join the Business Geeks next week as they dive into:

Strategic Partnerships To Grow Your Business

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