50: Q&A with the Business Geeks

One rule of owning a business is to have a clear idea of your avatar or ideal customer. One rule of creating content is knowing that you are talking to your avatar, who is a real person with their own ideas and questions.

In this episode, we answer some questions from our BGP followers. We talk about a wide range of topics, from lessons in producing social media content for your business to a short film review of Being the Ricardos from a business owner’s point of view.

What To Listen For:

  • Lessons in producing TikTok and Youtube content based on audience response and analytics (00:56)
  • A special personal message (10:38)
  • Some advice in using social media to market bath and body products (16:13)
  • Things to think about when moving to other states for lower taxes (24:11)
  • How to choose manufacturers for prototypes (33:54)
  • Taking risks and disasters (38:46)
  • When you can’t reply to a DM (42:03)
  • About Jenn and BGP (48:03)
  • Concerns about a venture capitalist stealing your ideas (51:47)
  • Watching Being the Ricardos as a business owner and the legacy of I Love Lucy (1:02:14)
  • Your Podcast Concierge (1:10:21)

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