039: How to Instantly Know Where to Focus! The Eisenhower Matrix

As a business owner, you will have days where your to-do list will overwhelm you. To get back some control, you can start categorising your tasks according to the four quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix: 1. important and urgent; 2. important and not urgent; 3. not important and urgent; and, 4. not important and not urgent.

In this episode, the Business Geeks talk about how they apply the Eisenhower Matrix to classify their tasks, how the matrix could be improved or adjusted according to personal management style, and the importance of delegation.

What To Listen For:

    • Categorising tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix (02:06)
    • The origin of the matrix (04:35)
    • Do you delegate only “urgent, not important” tasks? (05:10)
    • Other people’s “urgent, important” tasks may not be your emergency (05:56)
    • Maximise the “important, do later” quadrant for your plans (07:22)
    • The bucket list of tasks (08:02)
    • The “One day, maybe” list (10:06)
    • Delegate “do now, urgent” tasks to keep the quadrant light (11:48)
    • Delegate now vs delegate soon (14:29)
    • Define what is “important” and “not important” (15:25)
    • “Are we working hard on the wrong things or are we working hard on the wrong things?” (19:27)
    • What if you can’t delegate? (21:45)

America vs Australia
Sam: Passion fruit, sausage rolls and meat pies, pork belly and crackling, and fairy bread (28:10)

Joe: 5-star review from CSTJKA (33:59)

What’s Grinding Our Gears
Joe: Emails and hard sell add-ons (37:22)

One Cool Thing
Sam: Headliner: an app that you can use to create audiograms, captions, videos, etc. (53:05)

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