006: Strategic Partnerships To Grow Your Business

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Strategic Partnerships To Grow Your Business

Strategic partnerships are one the most powerful ways to grow your business. 

It is a great avenue to increase your visibility and your sales. Yet so many business owners don’t utilize them.  

So how can you create strategic partnerships to grow your business? 

This week the Geeks share what strategic partnerships are and how they work, as well as some examples of successful strategic partnerships they’ve seen. They also talk about some tips on creating strategic partnerships for a triple win-win. 


What To Listen For:

  • What are strategic partnerships? 
  • Great examples of strategic partnerships
  • How to begin – who do your customers see  before or after they come to you?
  • Putting your customer on the forefront
  • Should you partner with competitors?
  • Promotion partners
  • Tips when starting strategic partnerships


Coolish or Foolish?

Nintendo Customer Service – Yay or Nay? 

The Nintendo Customer Support went above and beyond for this 95 year old Grandmother.

You can read the article we discuss here

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jen: Vision Boards! 

Joe: Jake Paul’s Financial Freedom Movement

One Cool Thing:

Joe: McMillion$

Jen: ColorZilla Chrome Extension 

Sam: Adelaide Fringe Festival

005: How To Get More Speaking Gigs

Business Geeks Podcast

How to get more speaking gigs

So you want to get more speaking gigs and you’re not sure how to go about it? 

You want to become a speaker and you’re not sure how to get started on your journey? 

You know that speaking in front of the right people is a great move for your business but how do you get into the right rooms?

This week the Geeks take a look getting yourself on stage in front of the right crowd. They also ask the question, how do you choose the right speakers for your own conference?  

Join the Business Geeks as they break down exactly what to look for when finding likely candidates that are a fit for you and your event. 

What To Listen For:

Foundations of public speaking

Building relationships

Personal Branding

Is social media necessary?

Importance of identifying the right audience and content

Valuing mastery

Tips on how to reduce physical tension

Being nervous is normal

Tips on putting your best foot forward in booking for conferences

Coolish or Foolish?

What do Sam, Jen and Joe think of smart ‘party sensors’ to be installed in Airbnb properties?

Find the article here: Airbnb is pushing its hosts to install smart ‘party sensors’ to stop big bashes once and for all

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Jen: Ignoring my Calendly link and/or asking a question that is already answered in my email or FB Groups

Joe: When people decide to break the SOP to get things done.

Sam: when people reach out to be on my podcast and haven’t researched or listened to an episode

One Cool Thing:

JENAgent : Find a Speaking Gig in 30 seconds

SAMHelloSign : Get work done faster with legally binding eSignatures

Joe  – Chevy Bolt EV :Go farther than you think!

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Join the Business Geeks next week as they dive into:

Strategic Partnerships To Grow Your Business

004: Networking that is NOT working

Business Geeks Podcast

Networking that is NOT working

This week the girls take the wheel and break down the love-hate relationship that entrepreneurs and business owners have with networking.

Join the Business Geek girls as they review the different types of networkers that make network events interesting and terrifying at the same time. 

You know Networking needs to be done and is beneficial for your business but does it have to bring out the crazy in everyone?   Have you bumped into the Overtalker, the Excessive Hand Shaker or the Name Dropper? 

15 Types Of Networkers That Make Us All Hate Networking: 

  • The over-talker. Dominating a conversation/loud talking. 
  • The lack of self-awareness with body language person.
  • The Name Dropper.  ‘Nuff said
  • The Business Card Pusher. Shoving business cards at people who haven’t asked for one. 
  • The Over-Seller. We’ve all met this person…
  • The Hand Crusher.
  • The Overachiever: My list of accomplishments is so long that there just isn’t time for you to say anything before I have to move on. Bye! 
  • The Scanner. Looking over a person’s shoulder, room scanning, and abandons you mid-conversation. 
  • The Assumer.  Assumes someone is not influential enough or important enough to get to know. 
  • The I’m Not Contagious Person. Yes, yes you are. 
  • The Freezer Outer: Not welcoming someone into the group cluster when they are brave enough to enter it. 
  • The Missed The Memo Guy: Inappropriate jokes or bro-talk. 
  • The Toucher. Hand on the back, extended handshakes, arm on the shoulder. OMG, please do not hug me. 
  • The intense eye contact guy. 
  • #1 The BIG clever/quirky questioner. “How are you going to change the world?” “What do you want people to say about you when you leave the room?” “If you had 24 hours to live, how would you spend it?” 

Listen into this episode as the Geeks work through some different strategies to remove the anxiety of networking.  It’s time to make networking fun again.    

Coolish or Foolish?

The Bracelet Of Silence – Read about it HERE

What’s Grinding Our Gears?

Bad Business Cards! And what makes a bad business card?

Small text which makes details hard to read.

Uber fancy business cards, including weird shapes that don’t fit in wallets or pockets.

Glossy business cards that you can’t write on. 

These types of cards really grind Jen’s gears.

One Cool Thing:

JENBookshop.org. How you can support your local Indie Book Shop!

SAMPaper by WeTransfer. This iPad app is perfect for coaching.


003: Outsourcing Your Way To Success With A Virtual Assistant Or Team

Outsourcing Your Way To Success With A Virtual Assistant Or Team


This week the Geeks take a look out outsourcing and the impact and potential benefits it can have on your business and what are the signs that you need a VA?


Join the Business Geeks as they break down exactly what outsourcing is and the different ways it can be used in your business to get you to where you want to be faster. They discuss how to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with hiring VA’s and what are some of the issues that occur when working with a virtual team offsite. And they also discuss how you interact with your VA team to make sure you have an effective working relationship with offsite team members.  


Hot or Not?

NEW Samsung Galaxy Flip Phone

One Cool Thing

Joe: Movie – A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood 

Sam: First Class Flyer

What Grinds Our Gears

Jen: Bad live video backgrounds

002: Business on a budget: Marketing strategies that don’t break the bank.

Marketing strategies that don’t break the bank

This week the Geeks discuss business on a budget and how to utilize marketing strategies that don’t break the bank.  

They breakdown some simple DIY public relations strategies that can really help to make your business budget go further. As well as reviewing what you can do to make sure that you use any assets that you already have at your disposal, and give some tips on how to make sure you show up as the trusted authority in your industry.



Rotten Review

Jen grinds her gears: Speakers assuming that women need to be told they are worthy and loved and parading that around as business advice.


Our One Cool Thing This Week:

SAM – Book, Do It! Speaking by David Newman

Joe – HumanKind: How to Change the World One Small Act at a Time by Brad Aronson

Jen– CamCard App & Book: Good Profit by Charles Koch

Episode 2

001: Hotel Disaster – We Put Our Hotel Consultant Hats On To Fix A Multi-Million Dollar Hotel in Crisis

Hotel Consultant

The Business Geeks Put Their Hotel Consultant Hats On This Week

Jen found an interesting article talking about how Marriott is taking on Airbnb. We discuss how we would utilize the information provided by our customer base in surveys to custom tailor our hotel experiences to those who want to and keep coming back.

Rotten Review

1 Star Review for Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C.:

One Cool Thing:

JOE – Inside Lehmann Brothers (Amazon Video,
YouTube, Google Play)

JEN – Spinning Out (Netflix), Rocketbook (Amazon)

SAM – One Strange Rock (Netflix)

Episode 1