037: Elevator Pitch Going Up!

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When you meet a potential client or network partner, how do you answer the inevitable question “What do you do”? How do you make sure that the person you’re talking to understands your value proposition and is engaged by your introduction that they will want to work with you? 

In this episode, we talk about elevator pitches. Terms related to it. Its origin, and some examples that will make you think about how you can effectively pitch your services without sounding like you’re selling a car to another person.

What To Listen For:

    • What is an “elevator pitch”? (04:33)
    • Do you use just one pitch? (07:10)
    • Do you think about the verbiage of your pitch? (08:34)
    • What’s the unique value proposition? (09:39)
    • “Elevator pitch” vs “proposition pitch” vs “value proposition” vs “positioning statement” (12:04)
    • Joe’s long proposition example (14:07)
    • You don’t have to condense what you do (16:43)
    • People asking questions about your introduction is not a bad thing (17:28)
    • Confusion does not equal interest (18:16)
    • Joe’s 5-second elevator pitch (19:38)
    • Origin of “elevator pitch” and its evolution (23:01Some final thoughts and tips (25:43)

What’s Grinding Our Gears
Jen: Companies that make it hard for customers to pay for their services (28:05)

Get My Lunch Money/One Cool Thing
Jen: The Art of Sucre: reinventing cotton candy (33:34)
Joe: Cheesecake-stuffed apples (36:45)

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