034: Is It Time For A Re-Brand?

Business Geeks Podcast

Is your businesses’ look and feel starting to look a bit stale? Are you expanding your audience or considering a whole new one? Is there a disconnection between what you want your brand to be and what your customers think your brand is?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it may be time to rebrand and refresh the markets perception of your business.

In this episode, we talk about rebranding.  When is it time to rebrand?  And what are the different mistakes that businesses make when going through the rebranding process. 

When rebranding your business, it’s always a good idea to involve your current audience. Check in with your customers and clients and research the market before going all in.

While rebranding can be a good thing, it may be risky and costly for your business when not handled carefully. When done right, revamping your brand can help build your customer base, strengthen your brand perception, and grow your business.

What To Listen For:

  • Auditing your business to know when to rebrand (4:55) 
  • Name changing in your business is huge (9:45)
  • Merging and rebranding (12:00)
  • Re-branding errors (12:50)
  • Re-branding for established brands (13:50)
  • Listening to your audience (16:05)
  • Asking for feedback before rebranding (16:40)
  • Getting people to understand what you do (19:45)
  • Rebrand vs refresh (21:04)
  • Re-educating your audience (21:27)

What’s grinding our gears
Joe: People not wearing their masks, specifically in amusement parks and amusement parks not upholding their policies (32:30)

Get my lunch money
Joe: Johnson’s Popcorn (38:50)

Check-In With The Geeks
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