035: Unique Ways To Generate Leads & Fill Your Sales Pipeline!

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As business owners, we always need to keep our sales pipelines full and robust to make sure we have regular and consistent revenue coming in. To achieve this goal, we need really good lead generation strategies. Oftentimes, though, we implement overcomplicated lead generation strategies thereby bypassing simple, creative and effective ways to attract clients into our businesses. 

In this episode, the Business Geeks share favourite and not-so-favourite lead generation strategies. We discuss the pros and cons of each one, offer practical tips on how to implement them, and share stories of the outcomes after using those strategies on our own businesses.

What To Listen For:

  • Importance of keeping pipelines full through effective lead generation strategies (03:43)
  • “Now Customers” vs “Future Customers” vs “Soon-to-buy Customers” (05:18)
  • Lead magnets (06:47)
  • Reaching out to people (07:36)
  • Podcasting (09:18)
  • Video email sequences (09:57)
  • Facebook groups, podcast kits (10:35)
  • Use different strategies (12:58)
  • Speaking to small groups and events (15:03)
  • Different definitions of “lead” (17:47)
  • Proving your credibility as an expert (19:10)
  • Collect WhatsApp contact info (21:26)
  • Paid sponsorships (22:18)
  • Online events (26:11)
  • Short masterclasses (28:11)
  • Don’t ignore loyal customers (31:02)
  • Referrals and rewards (34:24)
  • Chatbots (39:00)
  • Networking (41:04)

What’s grinding our gears
Jen: Businesses that are on the free version of tools (42:17)

Joe: TV commercials that use bright, glaring light (50:06)

Get My Lunch Money/One Cool Thing
Jen: Leadaro Agency (53:56)

Check-In With The Geeks
Sales Circus, Feb 15-19, 2021

Check-In With The Geeks

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