041: Is Your Ego Too Big For Your Business?

Business Geeks Podcast

Many things can threaten our businesses. One way to avoid the disastrous results of these threats is to be aware of them, analyse them, and find ways to lower the impact that they may have on our businesses.

One of the major threats is ego. An ego-driven business can go down the wrong path.

In this episode, the Business Geeks focus on the “toxic vanity” that is ego. How do you know if you’re egocentric or just confident? Since the ego is something you can control, what do you do about it? How do you handle the ego of your business partner or team member?

What To Listen For:

    • Analyse threats and be aware of them to their lower risks (03:19)
    • Ego vs confidence (04:02)
    • Dealing with “toxic vanity” (05:35)
    • Outward confidence vs inward vulnerability (07:39)
    • Looking back at past glories and misrepresenting actions (11:05)
    • Balancing confidence and ego vs being driven by ego (13:41)
    • Leaders who get it right (16:51)
    • Keeping the ego in check when you need to put your foot down (20:15)
    • Signs when you’re operating from your ego (26:00)
    • Are you egotistic if you decide that your idea is better? (27:56)

Take My Lunch Money
Jen: DCfempreneur – created a shopping guide and gift ideas of small businesses (34:57)

One Cool Thing
Jen: Marco Polo – video messaging app similar to a voice mail system (28:58)

Joe: Kid who started a successful plant business (32:16)

An Announcement (37:44)

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