043: Welcome to Season 2!

We are finally back after months of hiatus. We cannot contain our excitement to be able to talk to each other and connect with all the business geeks again.

What better way to kick off our season 2 than sharing what we have learned and what has kept us busy in 2021. As usual, we do this by engaging in a happy and upbeat conversation. 

Also, we gave a  brief background of what the three of us do and, we share our expectations for the show; what we want to accomplish this season, and a bit about weighted blankets and hug sleep pods.

Let’s get the ball rolling; welcome to season 2 of the Business Geeks Podcast!

What To Listen For:

  • Jen’s realizations for 2021 (00:55) 
  • The hug sleep pod experience for Joe (04:12)
  • What is 2021 like for Joe? (09:45)
  • What has kept Sam busy this year? (16:56)  
  • The hosts’ expectations for Business Geeks podcast (21:25) 
  • Jen’s, Sam’s and Joe’s career story (24:50)
  • How many ways the Business Geeks Podcast is streaming? (31:01)

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