042: Season 1 Finale

Business Geeks Podcast

It’s been only a few months, but it feels like we’ve been doing this podcast for decades! Sad today, though, that it’s our final episode for this season. We want to thank people and look back on how the almost 11 months of podcasting have gone. 

True to form, we banter and laugh as we reminisce about what we did wrong, what lessons we’ve learned, our favourite moments, and how we could make the show better if we ever come back from our hiatus. It’s been a chaotic yet awesome journey, and we’ve loved every minute of it!

What To Listen For:

    • Looking back on 2020 (00:38)
    • Learning our lessons one podcast at a time: conceptualisation and marketing (05:22)
    • It’s okay to agree to disagree (09:54)
    • Audience feedback is important (11:38)
    • It’s okay to be vulnerable (14:03)
    • A year of bad luck and resilience (16:47)
    • Favourite moments (21:24)
    • How can we make the show better if we come back? (35:56)
    • When we lose control (46:07)
    • Coming full circle (47:53)
    • Our individual plans for the future (56:20)
    • Final thoughts (1:04:51)

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