002: Business on a budget: Marketing strategies that don’t break the bank.

Marketing strategies that don’t break the bank

This week the Geeks discuss business on a budget and how to utilize marketing strategies that don’t break the bank.  

They breakdown some simple DIY public relations strategies that can really help to make your business budget go further. As well as reviewing what you can do to make sure that you use any assets that you already have at your disposal, and give some tips on how to make sure you show up as the trusted authority in your industry.



Rotten Review

Jen grinds her gears: Speakers assuming that women need to be told they are worthy and loved and parading that around as business advice.


Our One Cool Thing This Week:

SAM – Book, Do It! Speaking by David Newman

Joe – HumanKind: How to Change the World One Small Act at a Time by Brad Aronson

Jen– CamCard App & Book: Good Profit by Charles Koch

Episode 2

001: Hotel Disaster – We Put Our Hotel Consultant Hats On To Fix A Multi-Million Dollar Hotel in Crisis

Hotel Consultant

The Business Geeks Put Their Hotel Consultant Hats On This Week

Jen found an interesting article talking about how Marriott is taking on Airbnb. We discuss how we would utilize the information provided by our customer base in surveys to custom tailor our hotel experiences to those who want to and keep coming back.

Rotten Review

1 Star Review for Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C.:

One Cool Thing:

JOE – Inside Lehmann Brothers (Amazon Video,
YouTube, Google Play)

JEN – Spinning Out (Netflix), Rocketbook (Amazon)

SAM – One Strange Rock (Netflix)

Episode 1